Thursday, April 4, 2013

From Russia with love?

Hey there kiddo.

I was looking at traffic and recently there were 6 pageviews from Russia.  I'm hoping some mom-and-pop are finding my graphs and letters to you valuable.  I am also hoping it is not the Russian mafia trying to find someone to identity thieve or otherwise be nefarious toward.

Had a fun chat with a friend via im yesterday
him: sends me freaky video on YouTube
me: that was freaky
him: labels are a principal component analysis performed without verifying that the eigenvectors span the space -mathdad
me: Muahahaaa
him: that was freaky
me: I suddenly feel recursive
him: As long as you're thread safe and re-entrant, you'll be fine
him: Muahahahaaa

Had to share.

You had bad dreams and woke up crying a lot of the night.  We think that either you are dreaming about the economic future of the US, or you are in need of physical affection as part of the bedtime procedure.  Currently we are acting as if you need more cuddling and affection before bed because it tends to have higher mitigative powers.

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