Monday, April 8, 2013

the 8th of April, 2013

Good morning, kiddo.  Happy Monday.

I think I'm being funny when I tell others "Happy Monday, if such a creature exists" because most folks consider Monday to be sad.  When I wish them a good day I am trying to lift/lighten/elevate.

Your mathmommy went camping with the micro-mathbaby this weekend.  We had a daddy-daughter weekend which means that you got a lot (lot lot) of playing in and I didn't get much studying in.  Trying to figure out how to float and not sink.  I want to be staged in case the fall is as tough as it is trending to be.

Mom is angry at the clutter in our house.  We have a process based problem - too much stuff comes in, not enough goes out.  Eventually we run out of places.  I think we need large-scale decluttering, like 20%-50% of "stuff" gone.  I love you but do you really need 20 pairs of shoes at 4 years old?  The most pairs I have had in my adult life is 5.  You have more toys now than I had summed over my entire childhood.  Your math-grandmommy loves to send you boxes of stuff.  Her place was a bit of a clutter-box and I think I know why.  Not sure how to be respectful and still draw a healthy boundary there.

I love you kiddo.

You are working on learning respect.  You don't know it so well, but how can you know it if it is not modeled and trained into you.  I think that when you understand that language then you can interact with men, and understand the interactions of men with each other more effectively.

One of our friends was telling me how she became the world-expert in her field and the new management is urinating on that.  They are not being evil, just dumb guys, but it is really piercing her heart.  I want you to be a world-expert in something.  I do not want new dumb guys to be able to urinate on it, and I do not want your heart to be hurt by them.  Feminists are not made or born, they have daughters.  I want you to be a world-class success.  If you can work hard and be disciplined then you can be world-class great.  Stay far far away from drugs - they will rob you of futures too wonderful to imagine.  They will rob you of a full heart.  They trade today for empty and dangerous tomorrows.  Don't take those roads.

I love you kiddo, and I gotta go.

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