Sunday, April 28, 2013

Extended Family - 28th of April 2013

Hey kiddo,

Your math-nephew, math-niece, math-auntie, and a friend have visited for two days.  It was fun and good, but quite tiring.  You had a great time, but were a bit of a spoilsport when Isaac (twice your age) was better at anything than you.  There is room for growth there.  We may have to re-zero our discipline around living well with others.

Mommy and Daddy had a date.  You were babysit by two very godly young women.  I hope that when you get bigger you are godly.  You should be god-honoring, and now it is easy, but years down the road is harder.  The road isn't easy.  It hurts sometimes, and breaks and bends us.  It would destroy us if not for grace.  If not for grace.

I gotta go to bed - I am toasted toasted.  I am so tired and sore.  I hope to be able to work well tomorrow.


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