Monday, May 6, 2013

May the Fourth 2013

You are at your rehearsal.  You have a performance tomorrow.  Ballet.

Your daddy and sister are still a bit sick.  Cough cough.  *sigh*

So I'm sitting with your sister while your mom and you are out.  Feeding her bananas cause she likes the sweet monocotyledon.  She has Virgils root beer in a sippy cup.  Loving that.

Eating the "brat" diet.  Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and/or Toast.  It is for folks who have too much enteric flow.  Slows them down.  Stabilizes stuff.  Easy on the tummy.  Ginger ale or root beer are also good.  Mostly carbonated water with a little flavor, but easy on the tummy too.  Fluids and solids.

So I am playing pixie hollow.  I figure if I get our character some level it makes things better for you.  More stuff etcetera.  I went through email.  I went through facebook.  I went through news.  Now I am winning imaginary points as a "sparrow-man" (aka male pixie) on Pixie Hollow.  *sigh*

I was interviewed there by one of the other fairies.  It used to be there was class divide between members and non-members.  Pixie Diamonds helped that.  Trippy stuff.

Gotta go.  Love you so.  You aught to know.

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