Sunday, May 28, 2017

End of May - 2017

Hello Girlies,

It is the end of May and I have wanted to post a few times.  I come on here, and see the weight of the old posts, and it stops me. It stopped me.  This time I knew what I wanted to say, so I just went straight to posting without reading the old stuff.  I wrote this, then published it, then published my half-written draft, then edited this and published it.  Phew. 

We have another kitty.  They keep coming to us.  There is an older grandma a few doors down who must own a dozen cats.  I can't imagine feeding, spaying, and litter for them.  A couple of times per year we see kittens wandering around outdoors.  In 2009, when I worked for a year in Portland and Micah and Moriah were lonely they had "Maow", so named because of the noise he made, come to the back door and they took him in.  A few years later they took in another baby kitty, "snowball".  Maow got renamed "sunset".

Now we have a dark kitty.  He.  She?  It was hiding under the toyota, and when I started the car there was a tiny meow of terror and it ran hard into the bushes.  You girlies heard about it and looked through brambles and bushes and found her ... it ... about 30 yards into the neighbors yard, up some dense conifers.  With offers of turkey and time, and patience you got it out of the tree, and it is now in our mudroom.  For desert folks, a mudroom is like a coat-room/porch thing because it really really rains a lot and there is lots of mud.  You need a room to take your stuff off so you don't track the mud into the house.  It is called a mudroom.  I hear the musical voices of my girlies coming from there dealing with the drama of a scared, baby kitty.

Big mathgirl, you want to call it "Nox" because it looks like the night.  I'm going to vote for Imbrium, or something. 

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