Sunday, May 28, 2017

mid-april 2017

Hello Mathgirls.  I love you.

Older mathgirl, from now on known as "mini", you have discovered Harry Potter.  It has a frenzy and unpredictability without strain required on your part that seems to be impacting your neuroplasticity in a manner similar to how the internet detracts from the ability of young people to think hard, or research well and that drives the open office paradigm in business.   You have started weeping more at things that never triggered it etcetera.  I'm not sure this is the forum to enumerate the impact, but I think that this book and this book are very important for your future, and I intend to see that you absorb their content.

Mini, you found a temporary tattoo in the shape of a lightning bolt and put it on your forehead.

Younger mathgirl, from now on known as "micro", you were sick, but are feeling better.  You have discuvered that you are the "cutest".  I'm not sure how healthy that it.  Perhaps it is a phase.  Age should cure you.

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