Monday, April 3, 2017

April-ish 2017

Hello Mathgirlies,

It has been a while.  Lots of stuff has happened in 4-5 months since my last post.

Partial list of stuff:
  • Christmas, New Years, birthdays, valentines, and St. Patricks
  • Trip to see the Arc
  • Built wooden things
  • Went places ... did stuff
  • .....
This is why I write it down at the moment, so it doesn't get lost in the sands of time.  We are the keepers of each others memories, and when we are gone it feels like the grip on the past goes.

I can't articulate how sweet and delightful time is, and so when I have forgotten - it hurts.  It is like the death of something wonderful.

I want to re-read "Letters from Dad", so I can refresh my writing here.

I am scheduled to start online courses this fall.  We will see how that impacts things like free time, quality time, sleep, and professional development.  I hope it is a good thing.

  • I hope to make a very weak cnc laser cutter like I saw in HeatSync in Mesa AZ.  Boobah, you love wooden creatures like these (link) and I would like to be able to make my own with you.
  • Mini, you are interested in robots.  We might work on AI and robotics.  I have some ideas there.  
okay.. I have to go.

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