Saturday, September 26, 2015

End of Sept, 2015

Hey girlies.

Today was a busy day.

  • We slept in waaay late, but it was rainy and Saturday so that was a good thing.
  • We got dressed to go and went out
  • initially we tried troy McDonalds, but it was craaazy busy
  • We checked out a cake-ish shop, but that looked really expensive, had nobody in it, and I wasn't sure if it was open.  
... so we went to Piqua.

They had this really cool hungarian bakery.  (link)   They had good doughnuts and other treats.  Then we walked around downtown Piqua.  We went to the library for a bit.

Later we went to get hair cuts.  It was Micro's first and she was so well behaved.  She looked great.  While strolling and waiting for mom we found this nice little nail salon place.  The kiddos loved it - and for a few dollars each they had nice new painted fingernails.  We got sodas at the Speedway, and spent a little time looking around at the video game store.  We didn't buy anything.

We had a busy, more cosmopolitan, but nice afternoon. 

Of notice: there were like 6 sireny blinky-light vehicles beetween noon and 3pm near the Walmart.  Either an ambulance, a fire, or police.  If it wasn't a bad day for accidents, then it was training day.  It was very out of place.  What surprises me is that in Phoenix, these sorts of things would happen at similar rates, and I would think nothing of it.  I think that it is so rare here that I did.  It says something about the peacefulness of the community... or that everyone in the midwest owns guns and so nobody goes knocking on doors looking for trouble.  I'm not sure which, but either option seems like not a bad thing.

Good night little girls, I hope you sleep well.  I hope that I sleep well too.  I should write these on Saturday evenings.  We do more on those days.\

Oh.  Dad lesson learned.  If your 3 year old daughter hands you a cup that is empty, and claims it has fluid, then she is playing tea-party.  Don't be a dolt.  Play with her.  You will not regret it.

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