Saturday, September 26, 2015

In September 2015

Hello math girls how are you doing? You are big and smart and fun. Do you know you are my favorite littlest creatures?

We have three monarch chrysalis at home. We found the caterpillars. We fed them and protect them from predators and the environment. We gave them a good place to go through metamorphosis. The hope is that we would have an increased number of pollinators. We like butterflies here. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and we will have a very busy day. We will go to the farmers market we will prepare for afternoon activities and in the evening we are invited to a hog roast. I've never been to one of those we will see how it goes.

The farmers market here boors you kiddos. I don't think you understand its value to me. I like connection to things that endure. I like things of my local community. I'm like Tolkien's idea of a Hobbit in that. The habit and confirmation of seeing the familiar things is comforting to me. I make sure we get a yummy breakfast at the bakehouse where they have maple frosted cinnamon buns. Because of this you come with me but when you are grown-up you too may find comfort in the rituals and assurances of community and culture and things that indoor like Hobbits.

Last weekend we went to a swimming hole on the Stillwater river near Stillwater prairie reserve. You enjoyed finding rocks and splashing you knee-deep water and a cool during the warm of the day. We had a good time. We also went to Fort Rowdy. It is a event where people dress up like it's the 1750s and the campout intents and dressing buckskins and trade cars to work and for metalsmith works and similar period- appropriate sundries.

I love you and miss you.  This was written by speaking into Siri while walking on my lunch break.

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