Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 2015

Hey girls,

It has been a long time since I last wrote. 

We did Halloween/Harvest at our church.  I dressed the car up as a whale and myself as Jonah, and gave out candy.  Micro - you stayed with me.  Mini went with math-mom around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat after trunk-or-treat.  Still tripping out at the midwest and moving Halloween to a different night because of football.

We had thanksgiving, but didn't go away for it.  It was a nice, quite at-home event. 

December was eventful.  Christmas.  Dad got sick on the 15th, worst cold in 24 years, and wasn't able to be out of the house or functional until the 29th.  Seriously a bedridden zombie invalid for 3 days, then went to urgent care and got a Z-pack (azithromycin) and was half up, half dead for the next 8 days.  At the end I was about 80% better but 20% out.  The 103 fever only went down below 100 around the 27th.  It was down to just aboe 98 by the 1st.  It was rough.  I lost 25 pounds, and for part of it was losing 1 lb per day.  My stomach volume shrunk by half.  I lost a lot of muscle mass.

It was rough.  Did you know that your math-mommy said "thank you hub for letting me experience the 'in sickness and in health'"?  That touched me deeply.  I don't want to be an invalid, but I do know that my sweetie loves me.

Now it is January.  When I had to go back to work, Mini was sad, but Micro was half-glad.  I was really grumpy when I was in the middle of the sick, so I can understand it.

And now...

We are reading "The Horse and His boy".  We are right about to start chapter 3.  It should be a good adventure. 

It is cold.  Two days ago it was below 0 F.  There was snow, but it is starting to melt.  There was ice and slippery roads.  We could have sledded yesterday, but I think that it has melted some and no sledding is possible. 

The car is lightly dusted with salt from driving on the highway.  I want to wash it to avoid rusting out.  I wish I understood the phenomenology better there, but I don't want to learn it at the cost.  I still have 3 years left to pay on the loan for the car, and we are at ~120k miles.  I don't know that it is going to last that long.  I was really hosed by Mazda.  Note to self, never buy another Mazda again.  Ever.

My company had an offsite event in STL that I attended where we did Myers-Briggs stuff.  It makes me curious about you two.  I think you are like, but unlike.  I would like to understand you better.

You are here to pick me up, so I say "I love you" and I will see you shortly.  I know you are likely reading this long after I have seen you.  I still love you deeply.  You are my favoritest short-people in the whole wide world.


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