Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Early September 2014

just inspected a candidate new home. I hope it works out and is good for you. I think it might do well. It costs substantially less than our Phoenix home and will give you, mommy and me a place to make a home. 

I think that a good first step will be a fence. It will be pretty and should help you and micro to know the bounds of the yard. In retrospect having a place that is set aside as "my own" is something I never had until I was an adult.

You have had, your math mom and I have worked hard and intentional to give you, a hundred good things in your childhood that we did not get in ours. Exposure to violence, experiencing hunger, parental abandonment, the intelligence poison of "modern" public education, being bullied, robbed - these were kept away from you as a good gift. 

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