Friday, August 29, 2014

Late July 2014

Hello Big Girl.  Big girls now.  My girlies.

I am re-reading "Letters from Dad" - it inspired me in this blogging endeavor.  Rereading it helps me think through the reasons why I do this and it helps to evaluate the message.

If you were to get three wishes from a Genie in a bottle would you waste them?  I wish I knew whether this was a wish.  In a way this blog is a wish.  It is, likely, to last longer than I do.  It is a message in a bottle.  I can speak now into it, and be assured that at some point, if you want, if you know, if you want to listen - you can hear ... or at least read.  It gives me a sense of connection.  In that miracle - that instant of connection across the years it would be a waste to say words that are less than all I mean.  To the degree that I can help myself not make that error, I want to give you an intentional and non-random or accidental message.

You are my delight.  You are strong and smart - courageous and funny.  You are all that every person should aspire to be.  My brain asserts itself and says you have flaws.  In the eyes of my love for you - you are transformed.  There is a self that is you that I can access through that vision, and that you can't access.  If you can't access it - is it really you.  It could be.  If you want it to, if you are open to it, if you receive it, then it might.

Mini - I want you to work hard.  You can never work harder than you can, but if you are willing to push yourself then you will learn the lesson that every great person knows: you can work much harder than you think you can.  Basketball and ballet, business and productivity - they are all about mental toughness.  You have an amazing mind but it will not bloom unless you work it hard.  You were using sign-language at 6 weeks old and pictures of it are in this blog.  I think you might have a bent for biology, morphology, and nomenclature - a natural doctor or vet from when you were less than 1 year old.  You don't have to be that.  You could be any number of great things.  I think might be one of several things that are aligned with your natural strengths.

Mikro - I know that you are strong.  You are very kinesthetic.  You stood on your own strength at six weeks.  It took that long because I was afraid to hurt you by allowing you to try it the day you were born.  You are strong in body.  I hunger for you to get a posture of balance.  Imbalance is to become all of one thing and none of another.  You have a capability for hard work, but it needs to be balanced with direction.  Oh I want you to succeed.  I can't begin to tell you how I long for you to have great things.

I pray for you two nearly every day.  Nearly every day.  God keep you.  God fill you with light and life.  God give you a good future, a good hope.  God keep you.

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