Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I did it again - doh! Nov 2014


Girls, I did not make a post in October.  One-liners do not count.  There should be pictures, and depth.  That is sad.  I need to have more .. of the things that are good for you.

In Ohio football trumps halloween.  On thursday there were kids trick-or-treating and I asked why and they said "tomorrow there is football game, so we do it tonight".

We liked "Big Hero 6".  It was good.

Lots and lots and lots of unpacking.  Winterizing.  It is -5 out there with windchill.  Micro has a very adverse biot number so she doesn't like cold much.  Mini loves it - she runs and plays and makes snowballs.

We now have internet at our home.  Yay!  Netflix again.


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