Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feb 2014

  You are selling girl scout cookies.  Your mom is too.  It is definitely a team activity.  She is as excited and aggressive as you.  I wonder what hunger inside her heart this is filling.

You have a solid bit of cute going on there.  Your smile is the engineered one you have, not your giggling/delight one, but the one you save for pictures.  You hunger to have a control on your own appearance.  

My friend Lucy L. is having another "Gateway to Godly Womanhood" party for her youngest daughter.  In chatting with her she says that enjoy the pure, sweet person you are now, because that goes away at ten.  The idea of you pickling or something isn't very fun, but Lucy knows kids and I respect her wisdom.

We got binoculars for my birthday (yay mathmommy) and we use them for looking at airplanes and stars.  It is a good thing.  

Your cousin Isaac came to cubbies yesterday.  You were delighted to have brought a visitor and he enjoyed it too.  He needs to get out and play more.  He doesn't do that enough.  Neither do you.  Neither do I.

I gotta go, kiddo.  Its early AM and I have to get working.  See you this evening.

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