Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nov 30, 2013

Happy Turkey day, Mini.

We had a good Thanksgiving with my friend Kevin and his family.  Smoked turkey, great caseroles, and good community.

Last night we watched the parade in Tempe.  We took light rail from our neighborhood to downtown tempe.  There were a ton of people.  You and mom went and sat near the first red tree on the other side of the street from the station.  I went and got a grilled chese (with mayo, and tomato) for you and split a grinder with your mathmommy.  All sorts of be-lighted people and floats and loud music went on.  Some people from floats threw candy and you collected some.  You shared - that was nice.

After we went to the Tempe town lake.  There is a boat-based light parade there in a few weeks.  After strolling a bit, and trying to figure out if there was a boat-based event, we went back to light rail, and took it back to the part-and-ride, and went back home.

Mommy has a stomach cold.  She is not feeling good.  Micro, your baby sister is all snotty-nosed with a nose cold of some sort.  For now, kiddo, you and I do not have colds, but that isn't going to last forever.

You were sharing your candy.  You gave some to a little hispanic girl who was sitting near you.  Her father saw that and thanked me.  You were being generous - one of the characteristics of princess-hood.  You are working on being a princess, of the order of Twilight Sparkle, and she is a good role-model.

Work is work.  I'm about to, God willing, redefine our approach to measurement and warpage. It is hard work, but it is good value.  I want to make sure to deliver good value.

I love you and admire you.  Your sister is just starting to talk so I don't know her person, her character, or her growth yet.  I will need to add letters to her in here as part of the process. We should figure out how to do that.

Those bunglers in washington are doing what they have done for 4 years - sing "the recession is over" when it isn't.  If they sing it long enough are they going to be accidentally right?  It is, sadly, the only tool they have in the toolbox to attempt to fix what they broke.  This is what we get for having lawyers make a government - something complex with loopholes but doesn't do the job.  We should get control system engineers in on it - they would guarantee stability in things like growth using their control policies.  Watson perhaps?  Someday maybe. 

Work is calling, and I have miles to go before I sleep.

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