Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers day eve 2013

Would you believe that it's mothers day eve?  Was that fast or what?
So what should we do for mommy tomorrow?

Flowers seem like the worst gift to give a girl.  They are the personification of something amazing and beautiful that is killed before it can be made complete.  It could be fruit or seeds or something but when you pick it all it can become is dried flower petals.

I like honey.  It is nectar.  The gift of the flower to the bees.  It gives life to the plant, the flower, instead of taking it away.  It is quite sweet.  Crystallized honey was the crown jewels of an empire once.  That is a great branding strategy, right?  I could see "crown jewels crystallized honey" built in the form of the famous crown jewels.  That would be neat.

Many folks go out to dinner, or to a movie.  It is to serve food, reduce housekeeping, and to entertain.  We are foodies, but not movie folks.  Our budget is constrained - we are attempting to live within our means - so we are not going out to eat or be entertained.

Giving things like jewelry or flowers, according to game theorists, is higher cost to the giver than the receiver, but appeals to women.  Shoes.  Hats.  Accessories.  Guys, on the other hand, prefer core items: tools.  Functionality.  Should I give things of the outside, but not the inside?

I could sprinkle the floors with the aforementioned dead flower petals, but then we would have to clean that up.  Making a mess is not always the best gift.

Mathgirl, you like kites.  You like airplanes.  I don't think your mom is nearly the enthusiast that you are.

Dancing?  Some girls like it.  Do you like it?  I think that you are not much into it because you feel like you are ungraceful.  You look at other girls and compare your pretty, and always your bad economics puts you on the wrong side.  Country dancing?  Line dancing.  We might have fun with that.  It's for rednecks, and hard to get wrong.  It is about community doing well, not anyone doing better or worse.

Some girls like furniture.  It is accessories for the home.  We have enough stuff in our house.  We don't need more clutter.  It might be good if we could take a month off and empty the whole thing out, and only put back the non-clutter.  Good old days of being a medieval peasant. Fewer hours, less food, more disease, lack of rule of law.  Not so good in many ways.

Your mom loves to travel.  We travel locally, but she has a hippie genetic in you that makes her sometimes look to the horizon and want to travel to there.  A winning strategy is to find somewhere fun that she has not been and to go there.  We have been to most places around here, so that is pretty hard.

You were up late, so I am letting you sleep in where you are at.  Everyone in the house is still sleeping.  They were all up late with auntie-B, and her kiddos.  Lots fun.  Late night.  Sleep in you sleepy head.

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