Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 2013

Hello Mathbaby.  Mathgirl.
Mathgirl and Mathbaby.  Mathmommy.

It is nearly Friday.  It's tuesday.  It isn't nearly friday.  I'm ditzy.  I'm tired, or old, or low on blood sugar.  I'm something.

It is nearly pi-day.  Pi is a geometric idea.  It started as a geometric idea, but like many mathematical things, it can live in many places including geometry.  We eat pies on pi-day.  pi.  Pie.  They go together for mathpeople.  We are mathpeople.  Mathbaby, mathgirl, and mathdad.

Here are some pi-day links.  In 20 years they won't be around, but your aunties, and grandfolks who look at this site can read it and get some context.  Here you go:

  • http://www.piday.org/
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi_Day
  • http://www.exploratorium.edu/pi/index.html
I like pecan pie.  Mathgirl.  You are nearly five but it is still hard to not say mathbaby.  Mathgirl, when I ask you what your favorite pie is, what do you say?  "Apple.  My only favorite is apply.  I just love apple."  That is a quote, saved for posterity.

You like my smartpen.  I hope it is useful.  I need a secret weapon for study, or I am going to get wasted in reviews.  I gotta always be sharp or they are just going to throw me away.  You gotta keep practicing in order to stay at the top of your game.  I gotta keep my mind sharp.  They didn't tell me the kind of toughness that was needed in life.  I learned it the hard way.  Why is it that humanity leaves its callouses on my soul?  I hope that through me it isn't leaving callouses on you.  Infectious diseases.  They aren't just biological.  Viral. They are biological but are communicated through human perception instead of through the medium of proteins that comprise bacteria or viruses.  You can get emotional ... diseases.  You can also get good things.  They are both communicated.  

My friend S. says that disney princesses are NOT evil.  She says they are entertainment and leave no lasting impact outside of fun.  People are like trees - the outer rings are built on the shapes of the inner ones.  If something changes the shape of an early ring, it changes that inner ring, and can influence the shape of the tree.  

I hope you are well.  I hope the years treat you well.  I imagine talking to you through a tunnel in time, with your grown-up faces peering into it.  I hope you are well.  I want you to have good things.

I still want to go geocaching.  I'm going to be sad if we don't start doing that.  

Also you are nearly 5.  I want you in a martial art.  Every girl related to me for 2 generations has been assaulted.  Ugly word.  I do not want that for you.  I want you safe.  I want you safe.  I want you safe.  I can't be there to teach you how to run well, or not be stupid, or ... at last resort .. to be able to punch a guy in the throat.  Tai Chi.  Gives you grace, fluidity, and softness.  Also lets you get away well.  In the last resort, it gives you a very solid hit to the throat.  I hope it makes you graceful.  I hope it gives you health, balance, and strength.  I hope you never have to use it to break a throat.  If you need to - I want you to be able to.  

Time to go shopping.  Not so many pictures here.  

You are reading with mommy - you are learning to read.  I love your smart.  I love your learn.

Don't learn the wrong lessons.  Don't take the bandaids that the world teaches you to use on bullet-wounds - they have no healing power.  Get something useful, or use nothing, but don't put a lie over it to make the death stick.  Don't learn the wrong lessons.


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