Thursday, March 21, 2013

80th Day, 2013

Happy 80th day.  It is the 80th day of the year.  It is nearly 6am.  I can't sleep.  I wake up 4am-ish.  Not enough sleep makes me grumpy.  Grump grump grump.

Last weekend your uncle J-math and his kids were here.  We went to the zoo.
  Here is a picture of you and your two cousins.  It looks like you had a good time.  I get the idea that kiddos your age don't retain much, so I'm wondering if things like Disney or Movies have any value at all for you.  Maybe they are an opiate for parents?

Your other cousins Keen-Bean and i-Man now live here.  Keen-Bean is fifteen.  I hope she is nice, but she might be mean.  Who she becomes is yet to be seen.  I think both my sisters see past her smoke screen.  They want to hide it, but she's in the ravine.  They have no pride in her, so she is no queen.   I guess that ship has sailed.  And that is a sad thought, that dark has prevailed.

I become Dr. Seuss-like when tired.  

Am I supposed to tell you the apparitions that visit me in my sleep?  If I do, do they in that visit you?

I ache.  Teeth.  Shoulder.  Hips.  Barometric pressure is changing, a storm system is going through and it makes all my old and new broken parts hurt.  I want you to have good parts that work, and are used well in good things.  I don't like to think of you as having broken parts.  A wart or scar here and there might be tolerable, but something important missing for you?  I don't want it.  I want you to be excellent and have what you need.

Why is it so often that getting what our hearts desire can corrupt our hearts so well?  Are our hearts so built for self-defeat in their wants?  *sigh*

I have to stage for today.  Success is earned.  Nobody is entitled, but you can get it with hard work, and discipline.

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