Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aug 2010

I know it's been a while since I posted.
We went up to the mountains this weekend to enjoy the cool air.

I don't know why you have nightmares like you do.
You wake up screaming and scared so bad you are shaking.
The darkness has hunted me all of my life - I really don't want that for you.

I'm trying hard to not get fired. Trying to not die young. Trying to provide a good life for you.
How do I give you a good hope for the future?
How do I give you the best chance to be a successful person, a contributing member of society?

Working 60 hours a week for paycheck of 40 hours per week isn't doing it.
Everyone getting hired is Masters degree or higher .. I only have Bachelors.
Yeah ... I listened to my last manager who wanted to have me move up north - and got screwed.
No longer in any grad program - I reapplied to masters.

You want to fly a kite this evening. I want to help you fly it.
I will be working and then in school until 8pm, so ... not going to happen today.
How many days left until you never ask me again?
The Lord knows that I don't want to find out, I want to make the most of the time.
The Lord knows that I want to be flying kites with you when you are old.

You had fun playing with your best friend T. while we were up north.
You are so curious, so wanting to explore everything.
You know your alphabet up to the letter "K" in pictures, sounds, and sign-language. You are so smart little girl.
The world is all about potential wasted - and it wants to see greatness turned to dirt. Don't let it turn you into nothing. Don't let it destroy you.

God please keep my baby girl. Amen.

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