Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2010

You are two, Mathbaby.

You were reading before you were two, when you were 1.30 years old really. I am very happy with that.

You make great jokes.
When asked what is your name you say, with that cute grin "you" or "her" along with your other names. You will say "mommy, mommy" then get a big grin and say "wife". You discovered that your mathmommy has other names, like wife.

You had a fun birthday party. It was bug-themed. I tried to do a Mariposa Butterfly Fairie theme, but that didn't happen. We had fake butterfly wings .. I hope to someday give you working ones. You have wanted to fly (or be a bird) since you were 3 months old.

You opened two of your presents and were done. I love that you are not materialistic in that way, although you could likely own 20 more blankies and not have enough.

Your Godmother in NM is sick. She might be dying. We will know in a while. If she is doing better, she can meet you. If not we can go to say our goodbyes. She is a truly amazing woman, and the world is a much richer place for her having lived in it. It would be richer if there were a 10 million more people just like her in it. I spent several hours trying, and can not think of a single person that she has ever done wrong by - isn't that amazing. I can think of dozens that might have legit beef with me in the last 12 years, my friend Dave, my sibs, my mom ... I try really hard to do right by everyone but it just doesn't usually work out. I can not think of a single person that she hasn't done right by. Her name is Suzanne, and her husband is Sam.

I can't aspire to be that kind of person, but I hope you both aspire and succeed.

We now go out to the park to fly a kite. I love you mathbaby. Math-toddler now. *sigh*
You grow big so fast!

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