Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 2010

It is "O" week for you. You know caps and lower case, all sounds, and sign language signs to from "A" to "O".

You don't show me your face much anymore. You don't look at me and smile like you used to. Those eyes full of trust .. no so much. Mom is the adult in your life - she wears the pants, she gets the smiles.

This is how you normally look at dad.

This is how you look when asked to smile.

These are not the same.

I'm failing at my new attempt at grad school. This is what is called a lose-lose-lose proposition. I can't pay my bills, spend time with wife and daughter, or get opportunity to do the same. I would cry if I could get away with it.

You don't like flying kites anymore. I think they are too complex. Grass was made to run on, not stand and hold a kite.
You are in these gymnastics-esque classes. Animal motions for toddlers, etc.. You love flapping your wings, jumping, and running around in them. You love hiking and taking hikes with mommy.
You have started having more play-dates with friends. That goes over well.

You are getting meaner and meaner to the cats. You kick them, or hit them. We are working on disciplining you .. associating a cost with the behavior .. but that is not the same as you having your heart set on loving or kindness. If you have a baby brother or sister - the moment you realize that they are going to take half of mommy and daddy's attention - what will your heart do? I hope you are loving....

You walked a mile several days ago. Toward the end you were tired, but you did it. You initiated it, and wanted to walk in the neighborhood. We drove the route and it was just over a mile by car. Not bad.

You have started throwing fits, and caterwauling to get your way. I don't know where you came up with that - but it has to go. Maybe this is the "terrible two's" that they talk about. *sigh*

Time to get back to my lose-lose-lose proposition and see if I can keep doing the same thing over and over - but somehow get different results. Wish me luck baby-girl. Even if I just get the same-old results ... at least you have rent paid, and food in your belly this month.

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