Saturday, December 6, 2008

Month 5 day 19

So you are eating solid food - you poop stinks now.

You are still having issues with the bottle - sometimes you drink 9 ounces, sometimes 3.
We need to get a handle on that.

Today you meet your foster-grandma. Second time in your life. She will hold you, tickle you and make you giggle (you have such a delightful baby-girl giggle) and feed you. Its amazing of her to fly halfway across the country to spend time with you and your math-mom. Its good, healthy, girl-bonding time.

We might set up (or upside-down) a christmas tree (fake) and string popcorn and decorate it. There is more room for presents under this one, and less stuff for little hands to grab at a low level. On the other hand-its harder to get things to stay on the tree.

So I'm in the market for movies that inspire you. I want you to know you can be great - and not be dumbed down to the level of sheep. Here is the current list:
  • Anne of Green Gables (but not Anne of Avonlea) link
  • Akela and the Bee link
  • Nim's Island link
  • City of Ember link
Its good to have strong female characters - written to have (and use) their brains and to be courageous and valiant. It does not require dumb male characters any more than a great male character requires a stupid woman.. they are not mutually exclusive. Good examples should be credited as such. Weak caricatures of human beings, like most modern movies, and nearly not worth mentioning except as to avoid emulating.

Here is a halloween picture of your math-momma and some of the extended math-fam.

The little chili-pepper in the middle is you. The pirate-queen there is your math-mom. Your auntie and cousins are behind you and to your right.

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