Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Month 3 day 3

Hey Mathbaby,

Its been a busy while. I work hard at a job now and we don't see so much of each other.

Your math-mommy is homeschooling your cousin (my niece) in math.

She was getting A's and B's as a 5th grader in Arizona public schools but (sadly) did not know her times tables or what a noun was. She is doing so much better with homeschooling.

She is very wild at heart.

You are growing quite a bit. I have so many data points that I have not entered into the spreadsheet. You are almost, but not quite twice your birth weight.

You have such a cute dimple. You are awake and look at the world quite a bit. You have a fascination with lightbulbs and fans. I dont know if its the contrast ratio or the motion.

What a beautiful smile.

Your gas is really being a problem.

Its out next big challenge to tackle.
Also I would like to eventually track your length and use that to predict your adult height.

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