Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 43

Here is your current weight-chart.
We have better data on your weight.
When I made a time-step adaptive RLS the averaging improved significantly.
Instead of each data point being averaged with equal weight, points that were very close in time have less weight. They cant artificially load the chart.

So we were talking about abstinence and purity at a bible study this evening.
The idea of some punk kid wanting to use you in that way... grr.
I want to protect you - give you only the best.
The only way to do that is for you to be part of that process. If you dont buy into the idea then its a lost war and the only thing left is the hurting..

So Im thinking that a revisit to the 50's dating game might be useful.
I think the dummies in public policy have poor metrics. They say that if both the boys and the girls pursue then everyone has equal tactics and everyone wins. I think that instead of having what you think you want, when you think you want it... that long term health and wellbeing of the relationship (and the heart) might be an interesting metric. When I was a child I knew what I thought I wanted... but it was not what I really needed. I pursued folly.. thats not profit but loss.

We have some amazing pictures of you. I hope that you find them cute.. whether or not you find them flattering.

You are smiling and laughing now. Look how alive you are.

Your mommy thinks that you are cute in this outfit.

Look at that.
Cuteness that bends space-time.

I love you math-baby!

You look both goofy and happy with your tongue sticking out.
Look at your big blue eyes.
And your goofy smiling face.

Precious and Priceless.

A noble (superheroic) woman is donating milk to help you live well.
Two have.. but currently only one is.

You do not work well with formula.
We tried it ... and you did not poop for 3 days.
You had a lot of abdominal pain, and cried a lot.
You had a lot of gas... you could have been confused for an 85 year old man.
Your mom was only producing about 0.5 fl oz per nursing.

Mom's production is slightly up, but your growth corresponds with the donation.
You were at day 25 and had not reached birth-weight. Now you are growing.

Here is a chart of mommy's estimated production.

You can see that she is having historic highs in production.
You can also see that they are about 1/3 of what you need to live, and grow and stay healthy.

If you ever give me a math-grandbaby girl you should consider naming her Laura or Kim.

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