Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 9

Its been nine days. You are still beautiful.
... and terrifying

This is a picture of you
you are 1 day old here
you are in your mathdaddy's hands

It took 6 tries to get this right
you were so very small

I never knew that latching was so hard.
Align mouth & head to breast
time wide-open with push toward breast
maximized areola capture
don't occlude the nose

no wonder post-partum psychosis exists
nobody trains mom to dock the shuttle
but at 3am with 2 hours of sleep in the last 48
with a baby who doesnt know how.. she is expected to perform
or pay the price in greater lack of sleep.
Is this against the geneva convention?

When you, mathbaby, are looking by touch it is called rooting.
Your proportional control coefficient is way to high
you have many overshoots and oscillations

I have lost the exactness of your eating and pooping models
to lack of parental sleep and my ability to lose documents
to complexity of interactions in adaptive breast let-down and your adaptive hunger

The gynecologist did not want to hear about fourier filtering.
I will tell you about it.
I know the day you were concieved.
... without even using fertility-friend

We recorded these temperatures (detrended).
notice the small range
notice the noise in the signal
notice the discrete measurement levels

Saturday mornings we slept in all the way to 7am. Notice the temperature spikes? They are artifacts.

I fast fourier transformed it
I truncated the series
removing high frequency information - Saturdays don't show
leaving longer-term trends - the ovulation does show
I picked a 5-term approximation

Here is the improved curve and the original. It is not a bad fit

We though ovulation started at day 17. It really started at day 14.
it was the last day of the ovum..
You were conceived on the 17th

Some say life starts at birth.. before that you are tissue.
Some say life starts at conception ... before that you are dna
I say life starts at joy... you were conceived in joy

Baby girl, you were wanted.
We loved you before we ever met you.
You belonged with us before you ever saw light.
Your mommy and mathdaddy love you, baby girl!

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mathdad said...

Which month in 2007 had a Saturday the 17th? August.