Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nearly Dec 2016

Hello Girls,

It has been nearly 6 months.  I have been in your lives and activity, but when you are 20 do you know if you will remember that we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and how many hours of skylanders we played thanksgiving day.  I have to speak using both my immediate presence and these letters to the future.

So what can I say to you both right now?  Is there a question that you would ask?  Am I speaking to a future that doesn't exist?  Hope says that I am speaking to a future you that is alive, with a good and healthy heart and life, a person worth being, living a life with meaningfulness and that is worth living. If you have all the answers, what would you want me to tell you?  I think the heart is the important part - the key - to all things meaningful in life.  Maybe you miss me?  Statistics and a few peeks at tomorrow suggest that it is a road with some strong curves.  I don't know if I'm going to be there when you are 20.  I'm going to try, but life has its surprises.  I would be happy if you were there when you are 20, compared to the alternative of you not being there.

I will tell you then what I tell you now.  I love you.  My heart smiles and sings for joy when I think of you.  I love your mind and heart.  I love your courage and hard work.  You are the most beautiful people in my mind and heart.  Love covers.  My love says you are without flaw - until you are, then it covers and looks for justification.

We hope to go to Santa's corner office downtown and get pictures and all.  I hope we have a great evening.  You were walking at Charleston Falls near Tipp City, and it is beautiful.  It is fall there, and has been raining.

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