Saturday, February 20, 2016

At library working - Feb 2016

Hey there kiddos, I miss you.

You and your mommy are driving to see a native American work: The Ohio serpent mound. (link)  Some say it is older than Aristotle. 

I am working on a project at the library.  You get to have a Saturday in the sun an I am trying to work on ways to pay bills - most particularly the house we lived in for the first 6 years of your life, math big girl.  We moved away, but were unable to sell it.  All our good advisors said wait a year for the market to improve, and you can sell it then.  They said "don't hurt your credit". 

There is no doubt that the borrow and spend ideology of congress is a price that your generation is going to pay in blood.  Social Security will die.  Welfare may die.  The center of the world has moved west beyond Hawaii.  Those are the folks creating most of the value, and being the conduit of most the value on the planet.  They don't forgive trillion dollar loan debts.  I'm guessing they will demand Alaska as payment.  

 We need to get out of debt.  We need to establish our family in a multigenerationally sustainable enterprise.  We need to find a sustainable way create value.  The service industry depends on average wealth and the economic winds.  We need to produce.  We need to get close to dirt.  ... and none of that happens without capital.  I have some good ideas what we could do, things that could get your kids fed, but to do them I have to get capital without loans.  I get to work for it.

Yes, it is a letter about me.  It is also about working hard for tomorrow.  I'm working hard for your tomorrow.  I love you.


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