Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jan 2012

We had Christmas.  Your Grandma Mimi sent you too many presents.  We gave 1-2 a day for about a week after Christmas.  You loved it.

You are becoming more insistent that we get you a pegasus unicorn for a pet.  We should work on that.  Maybe stage with gerbils or something ... so you can practice care for the pet.

You have a new baby sister on the way.  God willing she should be being born in min-June.  We will see how that goes.

Got a letter from your cousin I-guy.  Need to write to him and let him know that he is admired and valued as a person.  I know he gets that from his mommy, but sometimes a distant figure can have a more heard voice than a near person - even if they have the same message.

I'm trying to wrap up school this semester.  Here is hoping/praying/working hard&smart - all that can be done is being done.  I want to be around for you and that means I have to spend time in your life with you - not always elsewhere working on school/work/other stuff.

You did a great thing today, at three years, weirding out the sonogram technician telling him about how implantation in the Fallopian tubes would be a bad thing, and saying that the baby was a girl because there was no penis.  You know more about what goes on in there than pregnant 18 year olds that they have had as patients - the tech said so.  I love your curiosity and your amazing verbal articulativity.

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