Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Early Nov 2011

Hello there Kiddo,

Gosh you are big.  You love to run, to chase, to be chased.  My heart says you were so much smaller but my eyes say you are getting so much bigger.  I'm not ready for you to be 3 yet.

You are watching Star Wars.  Fifteen times in a row and it is a thousand times better than the tripe that Disney gives girls.  I hope you never ever see the little mermaid.
I strongly agree with George Takei when he sais that Disney gives very bad life-lessons for little girls.

The underlying message of Little Mermaid is to the effect of "betraying everyone you know and love to the darkness is perfectly fine and you can get what you want in the end."

The underlying message of Beauty and the Beast is to the effect of "get used to the abuse and you can find out he is a nice guy".  It is like the Stockholm syndrome glorified.  You are not a punching bag.  There are times when you are going to have to step up and do things you don't like.  I'm not saying you should quit when it gets tough.  I'm saying that you should know the difference between abuse and not, and not let yourself be subject to that.  Have some backbone, some self-respect.  I think Gaston and Beast had the same soul and deserved each other.  There is a dehumanization and disempowerment in this that I hate - it has the same odor as child-slavery.

You are trying to process how C-3-Pinnochio (C3PO) can talk when he is only a head, or with a leg missing. I think you are sensing a cognitive dissonance - why doesn't he feel pain.  Not sure there.  I know you very much would like to be a doctor for horses and other animals.  You have a great natural curiousity for how living beings are shaped, and live and how they function.  You have a bent for morphology.

I should have more pictures of you.  The world can get pictures of Disney everywhere - they are sold in every nation on the planet.  The world can get pictures of Star Wars - they are sold in every nation on the planet.  In 10 or 50 years, where will you get your memories?  How will you hear words from your father.

I love your passion.  I love your courage.  I love your curiousity.  You are an amazing and wonderful creature even at three.  I want you to not be led into the lies/tricks/traps of this world - they are lethal.  They drink your blood and crush your joy.  I want you to have things that truly deeply fill your heart and soul and make the world a better place for your having lived.  I want you to both aspire to greatness and to grab hold of it.

I am in debt for the house, for my student loans, etcetera.  My net worth is not enough to give you an inheritance.  I want you to be wealthy and even if I can't give the small things of material possessions maybe I can give the big things of heart & soul wealth.  Gotta try.

God is good.  God can take care of you in storms that are a thousand times bigger than you and which would crush you in an instant.  He will get you through them well - if you walk with him.  Please walk with him.  Learn his ways, and learn to love Him.  Walk with Him.

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