Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November 2009

Kiddo, you are the best.

We were sick for Thanksgiving, but had a great turkey-day on Saturday this year.

So I said to your mommy "Maybe she isn't feeling good and should have some Tylenol".
You came up to me and asked to be picked up with your "pick me up" hand sign.
You pointed toward the hall and said "Pease" and signed it too. I walked that way.
You pointed into the bathroom and said "Pease, Pease!" and signed it too. I went in and turned on the light.
You pointed at the medicine cabinet and said "Pease" and signed too. I opened it.
You pointed at the bottle of "Tylenol" and said "Pease".

You were a sick and miserable little mathbaby. Your nose was runny, and you were coughing.
We had that cold too. I had muscle soreness from it. You did too.
You were the cutest, most sincere little girl.
And at 17 months you knew what Tylenol was, and where it was kept.
You are so very smart.
I love you little girl. I'm proud of you.

So one of my coworkers says that reading Donald Duck adventures can be great.
I want to try it out on you - her recommendation.

I will try to get some newer pictures of you here.

I love you mathbaby. God has made me one of the richest men in the world - and both you and your mathmommy are my wealth. I love you both, and treasure you both.

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