Monday, November 16, 2009

Month 16

You were the worlds cutest duckie for All Hallows Eve.
You had a duck-bill hat, and duck feet shoes.
We went to a local mall, and trick or treated at the stores.
They would give stickers, or candy, or high-five you.
You loved all three.
You would ask please in both word and signing please.

In the picture you are holding 2 of your 5 favorite blankies.
All of your blankies are your favorite blankie.

Toward the end you just melted down. You fell asleep in the car, and were the world's cutest sleeping baby girl by the time we got home.

You love playing tag. You love hide and seek.
You engage me less, and I miss it.
You are so desperately hungry to be a big person.

You point to all lights and call them hot.
You are still learning the difference between hot and cold.

I love you baby girl. I am at work and won't be home for a week. I miss you and your math-momma.

You cried when we said goodbye at the airport.
In a little way I long for the unhindered heart in myself that would give me permission to cry like you did. I really feel like it every time I fly away.

There is a horse doctor down the road from us. You are afraid of the big horses, clydesdales, there. You are desperately curious when they are 10+ feet away. Closer than that you grip me hard in terror, but don't quite look away.

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