Monday, February 25, 2013

Seven months of stereo

Happy February Mathbaby,

Your sister is now 7 months old.  Your birthdays are 3 days apart.  Right now you are in art class.

Wow.  This was started a month ago and all I got was once sentence.  *sigh*

We got to go to the Arizona Renaissance fair this year.

Here is a video of you and your sister around the Mother goose stuff.

Here are some photos of the events.
You are riding a Butterfly.  It is a human-powered carnival ride, thing.

Here you are with your friend the Ocelot.  Dr. Dufenschmirtz was raised by Ocelots, but not one as knightly and noble as this.

Here you are setting up for the Pirate themed high-jump-thing.

And here you are waaaay up in the air.

Here is your face post face painting ($5).

And here you are at the end of the day.  One very tired Warrior Princess.

Your dad didn't bring sunblock.  Your 7 month old baby sister needed something so we got her something.

This is how she looks in it.

She is looking at the camera.  I like how her eyes look in this picture.

I love both my mathbabies, even if I am unable to blog as often as I should.  

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