Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stereo mathbabies (July 2012)

You have a new baby sister.  She is 4 weeks old today (when this is posted) but the picture below shows her at 4 minutes old.

Her birth apgar was 5 - the umbilical was wrapped twice around her neck.  The nurses had to extract the amniotic fluid from her lungs.  Within about 5 minutes they were able to get the Apgar score up to 9 - that is a good thing.  

You are so nice.  You are a good big sister.  You help mommy with feeding her, holding her, and help with changing her diaper.

Some folks say "mathbaby 2.0" but that isn't correct.  It is backward.  You are mathbaby 2.0.  You are more advanced than her and you will be bigger, stronger, and faster until you are both adults.  You are what she aspires to - if things are done right.

I was thinking of saying "now I have girls in stereo" but it isn't quite correct either.  It is like now I have the wonderful gift of two girls: the new one is a tweeter and you are (currently) a mid-range.

You have a number of (beautiful) dances:
  • the star
  • the sea
  • the mermaid
  • the night
  • the moon
I so (so) very much need to deconstruct them and understand them.  I love you and I want to cherish the things that are valuable to you - your bests.

You are not a baby anymore.  You are a big girl.  You are 4 and you run and jump and talk and think.  You are growing up and it happens faster and faster and faster.

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