Thursday, September 24, 2009

Month 14

You were an awesome baby this month.
You have a signed plus spoken outgoing vocabulary of 50 words.
You understand upwards toward 100 words.

You flew on a plane - high high above the birdies you are so fascinated with.

You met your grandma, your foster grandma, and your grand-mum.
It was a "grand-rich" trip for you.

I have forgotten to tell you the great things you did over labor-day weekend.
You are willing to show about 10-15 signs to people when I show you off.
You saw your first squirrel - and were quite fascinated.
Still curious about water - must teach you more about swimming.

You have impeccable fashion taste.
You initiated, selected, and requested your own sandals - Micah wasn't even looking for shoes.
They are cute, have hearts, and match several outfits in your wardrobe so well.
I am in so much trouble. At 13 months you have better fashion sense than me.

My current plan to connect with you is cars.
You are a control freak - you long to drive.
I think that I want to try to (make or hack) you a working barbie pink cute car thing.

When you start getting "bored" with it, then I will get you upgrades, or stickers, or something.
The goal is to keep you interested in what makes cars work.

If I am a very lucky man not only will you be brilliant, curious, extroverted, and having great fashion sense, but you will also be into cars.
I like cars.
Maybe - it can be a bridge.

Baby girl - I see so many teens so far away from their parents.
The world tells them to run - but that isn't because the running is good, its because the world wants to eat them. The world will eat you, chew you up and shit you out, if you give it a billionth of a chance.
I hope you give me a bridge - a place where we can connect. My job is to provide, protect, and equip you for life. Please give me the avenue to do that. I'm trying to build them - please let them be built.

Your math-mommie says the control algorithm for food acquisition is becoming highly sophisticated. You beat current automata in how well you can drive a fork to eat food.

Become capable - in the basics of eating, and the hard stuff of being successful in life and evading the predators. I love you. You are the delight of my heart - and though you will likely come to contempt that and view the very precious thing as so axiomatic that it is contemptible - you are one of only 3 beings on the planet who have that particular type of place in my heart. Do well. The great theme of humanity is screwing itself over by wasting its greatness and turning it to dung. Do not become someone who sings a part in that sad and wretched choir. Be something - someone - who is meaningful. Be great baby girl -be great.

PS: you learned to drink from a straw over labor-day weekend. It is your new preferred method for consuming fluids. You impressed me quite a bit when you discovered you were not so good at walking on uneven ground, so you practiced walking back and forth over bumps until you got it right. That shows one of the most valuable things - self discipline. I am so very very proud of you. You might be the coolest baby-girl in the whole world.

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