Saturday, May 16, 2009

Month 11

Hey there mathbaby,

Its been a long time since I posted.  You took your first steps yesterday.  You are balancing on your own and are so very proud of it.

You are getting so very big.  You are using words both one at a time, and you are working on two at a time.

I want to build a device that recognizes and clarifies baby phonemes.  I think we (adults) would have an easier time understanding the sounds you were trying (and having difficulty) putting together.

Your dad is trying to resist being in the unemployment pool.  I am working so very hard, and I do not see much of you kiddo.  

Final exams went well.  I can beat current state of the art in new product diffusion forecasting.. it remains to be seen by what margin it can be beat.  It looks significant (on the order of 50% reduction in uncertainty).  Too bad the company that I was interviewing with asserted a hiring freeze until december.  That makes my life difficult.

The strategies of coercion that get you to cooperate are currently variations on bait.  If your will is crossed you get mad and do not move.  If you are caused to follow carrots then you are much more compliant.

I tried playing with crumpled paper with you.  It makes noise, rolls unpredictably, and entertains cats.  It did not entertain you.  That shows you are at least above the developmental level of a cat.  That is interesting.  

We watched Akeela and the Bee again last night with the extended math-familia.  Mom, Dad, you, cousins, auntie B.  It was good.  I want you to be great, to be talented.  I want you to be the most that you can.  I hope that your adversity does not damage you but instead improves you.

I am at the cusp of being able to make serious inroads in accomplishing my quest of the three fluids.  I will let you know in the next 3 months whether or not that works out.  If it does, then your daddy has contributed significantly to making the world you live in a better place for you and for your grandkids.  If not.. we can talk about it then.

Gotta go.  I love you kiddo.

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